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Advertising gives you total control of your message and allows you to deliver it in a way that captures attention, interest, curiosity and response. Effective advertising is the engine that powers many successful businesses.

Whatever helps you stay positive is what you need to do first thing each morning…and whenever you find yourself getting off track. Negative messages may be all around, but you don’t have to be adversely affected by them.

Look for opportunities to add additional products, services, packages or expertise in addition to that which you currently offer. Electronics and appliance retailers offer extended warranties as an extra option.

As outlandish as the above headline may sound – it's possible to purchase thousands of dollars in profit each and every year – for a one-time investment of $500 or less.

Try to make it real easy for first-time customers to buy from you. You don’t have to sell new customers on the whole package or deluxe version of your product or service. Instead, offer something as an introductory level purchase.

April 24, 2015

Send new offers as often as your list continues to respond favorably. As long as it works, keep doing it. But pay careful attention not to overdo it. You don’t want to abuse the trust and loyalty buyers have shown you. Look for opportunities to connect with your list. Send “thank you” notes after purchases. Take the opportunity to acknowledge people and reassure them of their prudent purchasing decision. In effect what you’re actually doing is re-selling the value of your business and shaping how customers feel about you and their experience. Continuous communication positions you as a trusted friend, ally, advisor, and reliable supplier. Keep your list updated and active and you’ll continue to generate cash flow while increasing the value of your most important asset – your customer list.

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April 20, 2015

Look at the three ways to improve sales – increase the number of first-time customers; increase the dollar value of each purchase transaction; increase the number of times each customer buys from you again over time. Concentrate initially on an effective method for attracting prospects that are more likely to convert to customers. It’s high-probability marketing. Don’t necessarily go for the sale right away. Focus new lead-acquisition efforts on those who are interested, fit your customer profile, and have the ability and authority to make a purchase. If they made similar purchases recently, they’re even more qualified. But not everyone is an ideal prospect for your product. Focus your energy on high-probability conversions. Zero in on your specific niche market. Get them in the door first. Build a base of first-time customers. Then, work at increasing transactional values and repeat sales.

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April 16, 2015

Become a scientific marketer. Force every ad, marketing strategy and communication to justify itself by performance. Every ad must produce a positive and profitable result, or it doesn’t belong. Each ad and marketing piece needs to be monitored, measured and analyzed afterwards. Direct response is the only way to go. Test headlines, prices, offers, guarantees and ad size. By testing, you’ll discover with certainty the approach that works best for you. Don’t do what you “think” is right – do what your prospects and customers “tell” you is right by their actions.


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March 16, 2015

Exposure through targeted media outlets can be worth a fortune to you. There’s no other marketing tool that can deliver such an enormous return for a small investment. Keep in mind a few simple facts when approaching editors:

  1. Target media that's a good fit for your product only.
  2. Approach them with a "news" angle that briefly tells your story (disguised ads won't work).
  3. Give editors what they want - content that's of interest to their respective audiences.
  4. Write your press release to capture the attention and interest of editors with your own unique angle or story behind the product.


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March 13, 2015

Any inventory is costing you money. Work at establishing a “just-in-time” delivery system that enables you to receive and redirect shipments promptly as orders roll in. The last thing you want is to be sitting on inventory that costs money to acquire and store. Be prepared to pay 5% more to suppliers to house inventory for you until you need it.


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