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Advertising gives you total control of your message and allows you to deliver it in a way that captures attention, interest, curiosity and response. Effective advertising is the engine that powers many successful businesses.

Whatever helps you stay positive is what you need to do first thing each morning…and whenever you find yourself getting off track. Negative messages may be all around, but you don’t have to be adversely affected by them.

Look for opportunities to add additional products, services, packages or expertise in addition to that which you currently offer. Electronics and appliance retailers offer extended warranties as an extra option.

As outlandish as the above headline may sound – it's possible to purchase thousands of dollars in profit each and every year – for a one-time investment of $500 or less.

Try to make it real easy for first-time customers to buy from you. You don’t have to sell new customers on the whole package or deluxe version of your product or service. Instead, offer something as an introductory level purchase.

January 12, 2015

A slow economy is just another competitor you have to deal with. Focus your efforts on providing more of what people want. Wants, desires, fears and anxieties don’t diminish in tough times. The challenge lies in reaching people and offering a better choice that makes good sense to them. Give them more of what they truly desire and you’ll beat any competing force. Stress your individuality and how it benefits the customer.

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January 9, 2015

Multiple distractions compete for your prospect’s time and attention. Since it’s impossible for anyone to hear it all, the messages that do get through are those that the prospect’s built-in radar tells him are important. Every other message is filtered out automatically. Know that those you’re marketing to only have so much time, and that time is forever shrinking, while the number of messages increases consistently. Give your prospects a clear and obvious reason for hearing your message.

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January 8, 2015

Original names that sound nothing like the other entries in the field are more likely to be remembered. When your name comes up against a string of less memorable names, it gives you a decided advantage. Your differences should begin with your name.

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January 7, 2015

Does your smaller size mean greater flexibility, lower overheads - therefore lower rates or fees, faster delivery and responsiveness? The fact that you can turn on a dime and adjust to changing market demand instantly is one way to gain an advantage over your larger competitors. Sell your efficiency, adaptability, and higher level of personal service. Point out the advantages the customer gets as a by-product of your smaller size. For example, if you work from home, you have lower overhead costs, plenty of free parking, and a comfortable, relaxed work environment that frees your mind to concentrate exclusively on better serving your customer. Use your advantages to strengthen relationships and increase the perceived value of your services. Don’t hide your small size…make it work for you!

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January 6, 2015

When you’re 100% confident that your products or services are superior, you can’t help but spread that same message. Confidence is a key component to your success. Winning sales is largely about winning the confidence of prospects that your claims are truthful and your product delivers all you promise. When you consistently deliver quality, it’s much easier to craft compelling sales messages because you have plenty of pluses to build upon. Confidence breeds confidence. In addition, you’ll be much more inclined to attract repeat business, referrals, and plenty of positive feedback you can use in the future. Use those testimonials to generate even more sales as they in turn help a prospect feel confident enough to buy.

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