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AES Hearthplace
Allenberry Playhouse
Bank of Delaware
Beretta U.S.A. Corporation
Bour & Yaverbaum, P.C.
Capital City Counters
Central Penn Office Products
Chef Exclusive
Corning Glass
Dame Media Group
Dewalt Radial Arm Saws
Dupont "Teflon"
Etnoyer's RV World
Flooring Budget Bar
Franklyn Studios
General Foods
Green Jewelers
Hershey Chocolate Company
International Harvester
J.F. Waybrant & Sons, Inc.
Lawrence Chevrolet GEO
Litton Industries
Major League Baseball Promotion
Masonic Home of Elizabethtown
Morton Salt
New York Stock Exchange
Northeast PA WWII Victory Committee
O'Reilly's Pub
The Patriot News
Pepe's Cantina
Pipeline Interactive
Post Cereals
Richards Foods
Shelly's Sporting Goods
Smoking Cessation
Sportsman's Golf Course
Swartz Supply Company
TV Host
United Electric
Vara, Inc.
WHITCO Home Furnishings
Zamias Developer

Just one implemented recommendation from one of our recent consulations resulted in an instant $50,000 dollars to a client’s bottom line. How much will this 30 minute session mean to your business?

Our Low-To-Zero-Risk Marketing Blueprint is a very special guided tour through your business that is designed to identify anywhere from 22 to 60 high-yield marketing leverage points, through which we can generate almost instantaneous windfalls in your business. Not only will you “clearly see” the five, six and even seven figure goldmines hidden in plain site within your business, you will also look at your business in a completely new way.

If you’re a harried, tired or disillusioned business owner, one hour can give you a new joy in your business and possibly extend your life span. I have seen business owners literally regain the twinkle in their eyes and lose five years off their appearance in the 60 minutes that it takes me to re-introduce them to their own business. Not only will you uncover hidden marketing capital in your business, you'll learn how these assets can be converted into a systematic plan of action that will bring clients directly to your business and money directly to your bottom line - now. You'll also learn how you can keep track of all your marketing metrics right at your desktop.  No more guessing. No more wasted dollars. 

You get a full hour of my time.  And a written Low-To-Zero-Risk Marketing Blueprint that will tell you exactly what you need to do get your business back on track.

Here's the best part.  If, after seeing your Low-To-Zero-Risk Marketing Blueprint, you don't agree that it can solve your biggest marketing challenges and add a five or even six figure profit stream to your bottom line -  the meeting will be adjourned and I'll write you a $150 check for your time.

To see if your business qualifies for our FREE Low-To-Zero-Risk Marketing Blueprint, call 717-652-9269 and ask for Mike Anderson or just fill out and submit the form below. Once I get your form, I'll contact you within 24 hours to see if your business qualifies.

If your business does qualify, I'll create and present your custom Low-To-Zero-Risk Marketing Blueprint in five business days or less.