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Systematize YOUR

Marketing Program

STEP 1: We get on the phone one-on-one and go over your business. Together we decide if our system is a good fit for you.

STEP 2: If we're a good fit, we schedule a sitdown where we begin to build you a strategic blueprint to immediately increase your sales and profits.

STEP 3: We deliver your marketing blueprint. Now it's decision time. You decide whether to execute your new plan yourself or have us do it for you.

With Our Low-To-Zero-Risk Marketing System - You're 3 Steps Away From Sucess

Are You A Good Fit For Our System?

Do you currently view your marketing budget as an expense?  Most small business owners do.  But make no mistake, great marketing is an investment. 


With great marketing, you can literally spend a quarter and expect a dollar, five dollars, or even more in return.  That’s a 4 to 20 times return on investment. We know of no other investment, business or otherwise that offers that kind of reward for your money or efforts.

Whether you’ve been in business for a few short years, or for half a century or longer, we can help.  Our Low-To-Zero Risk Marketing System was developed from the ground-up for small business owners like you.  Unlike any other marketing system you have ever encountered, our 3-step program routinely produces annual sales and profit increases of between 25% - 100% the first year without any additional advertising expense. 

And over a 5 year time frame, our system was designed to produce a 10X increase in sales and profits.

But let me stop right here and tell you something important. Not everyone we meet with is a good candidate for our system.  And unfortunately, that means sometimes we have to turn people away.


How do we decide?  Well, here's a few of the questions we ask all of our prospects:

  • Does your business do at least 2+ million per year?

  • Do you have a house list of customers or clients that exceeds 500 individuals or companies?

  • Do you understand the need for marketing and generally enjoy the idea of growing your business to the next level?

Schedule Your FREE One-On-One

Marketing Consultation Today

If you can answer "yes" to each of these questions, we'd love to meet with you and to figure out a full-on plan to get you to 10x your business. If not, still give us a call! We'll try and give you an idea of where you need help and hopefully once you meet the requirements, you'll once again give us a call.


Strategic marketing is our passion and we're continually looking for more local businesses in which we can 10x their businesses. If you're ready to get from where you are to where you want to be, fill out the form above to schedule your FREE 1 hour marketing consultation. Even if we don't end up working together, you'll be at least one step closer to your dreams.

Thanks! Message sent.

“Shortly after bringing Morgan-James, LTD on board - I have my first big client and I’m on my way.

They have made good on every promise and surpassed my admittedly high expectations. Astonishing!"


Denny Hornberger, President, Line Logic Solutions

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