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FAQ: How to Craft a Strong Brand

If you’re a marketer, then you probably do a lot of direct-response campaigns. That means you put an ad in front of someone, such as an email, and it generally results in a sale.

However, sometimes your market is going to have a problem they need solving, but your ads and content are nowhere in sight. If you’ve built a strong brand, then you’ll have the necessary “top of mind” awareness to generate the sale. If you’ve neglected your branding, then your prospect is going to run to your competitors.

In short, branding is very important. That’s why I’ve put together this frequently asked question list with answers. Take a look…

Q: People say a brand is about a feeling. What does this mean?

A: This means that your brand should evoke the same feeling that your customers experience when they use your products or service.

For example, gourmet chocolatier Godiva is all about creating a feeling of sophisticated decadence/indulgence. From their golden wrappers to their writing style to the gourmet products themselves, Godiva makes people feel special and indulged when they eat the chocolate (or receive it as a gift).

Now compare that to the branding of Mountain Dew, which is positioned to appeal to the “dudes” who like skateboarding, surfing, bungee jumping and extreme sports. Mountain Dew is all about creating excitement.

Q: What all does a brand entail?

A: The short answer: everything.

You see, a lot of people think about branding in terms of a logo. So they pick some colors and a logo design to convey their brand’s feeling, and then they call it a day. But the truth is, your brand should permeate every facet of your business. This includes:

  • Your logo.

  • Your slogan.

  • The colors and designs for your website.

  • Your product packaging.

  • Your content.

  • Your customer service.

  • Your reputation.

  • Your mission.

And much, much more.

In short, whenever you do anything for your business—whether it’s creating a new product or designing a landing page – think about how this activity or item reflects your brand.

Q: How do you build “top of mind” awareness?

A: When your prospects think about their niche-specific problems, you want them to associate your business with the solution to those problems. And the way to do this is by building brand awareness.

For example:

  • Sign off emails, social media posts and other content with something related to your brand. E.G., John The Copy Doctor.

  • Create contests with a focus on building brand awareness. For example, ask entrants to create a short video commercial based around your brand.

  • Be sure your ad campaigns strongly incorporate your brand (with your slogan, logo, etc.).

Example, is creating a brand around “dream business resources” which help online business owners make money building their dream business so they can spend money enjoying their dream life.

In Sum…

Direct-response sales are awesome. But the real magic happens when you build the top of mind awareness needed to generate sales even when your ads aren’t sitting right in front of your prospect’s nose!

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