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Use Test Marketing to Maximize Your Marketing Results

A $500 investment in an ad is going to cost you $500, whether you get 50 responses or 500. But we know through experience that changing various elements of that ad will produce wildly different results. For example, I’ve see one headline out-pull another by as many as 100 times. I’ve seen a price of $25 out-pull a price of $15 by a ratio of 5 to 1. And finally, I’ve seen the change of a single word in a headline produce 10 times the revenue.

Why do these changes occur? I have no idea. I just know that it happens. And that it can make or break a campaign.

The takeaway – test and re-test every element of your ads until you are happy with the results. And when you are happy – continue testing until your optimization process produces negligible changes.

Simply by comparing the variables in every ad, sales letter, social media offer and sales pitch, you will increase the efficiency of your marketing dollars and increase your profitability. You’ll also lower your selling expense.

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